Irwin Green Child Development Center

Work in the new building of the Irwin Green Child Development Center began in 2005, with the Institute providing extensive development services, diagnoses and treatments in a wide range of medical and paramedical professions:
Neurological and developmental diagnosis, Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy, Speech therapy, Music therapy, Art therapy, Hydrotherapy, Developmental emotional treatment for children with environmental deficiencies, Sensory integration disorders.

The Center managed by the Medical Administration of the French Hospital who donated the land for the Center. In addition to the direct treatment of the child, the Institute also provides training and instruction for parents for purposes of developing parental abilities and enabling better parenthood that will foster better development for those children.
The Institute provides a service for children from the time of birth until age 9, primarily for children in the Arab sector (Nazareth and the neighboring area), but also for Jewish children from Nazareth Elit. Thus, the Center facilitates treatment for Arab and Jewish children under the same roof.

Since we moving into the new building, there has been a substantial increase in the number of patients treated and in the number of treatments per year. The Centre has recently reached 10,000 developmental treatments per annum, in the course of full and maximum use and utilization of the therapy rooms that exist in the Institute.In addition to the foregoing, a major part of our Institute’s work is devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of children with autism. As is well-known from professional literature, there has been a considerable increase in the number of children who are diagnosed with autism, and it is stated that the risk of autism is 1:150 of the total population. This increase is due mainly to more alertness on the part of the parents and on the part of the professionals in the field.

Currently, about 40 children with autism, who are placed in a number of kindergartens (some are within the Center and others outside it) are being treated by members of our staff. The children receive approximately 15,000 hours of therapy each year from the staff of the Center.