Enlarging the Building of Irwin Green Child Development Center

The project adds to the center 3 rehabilitation day care classes, 5 therapy rooms and a multipurpose hall for 100 people.

The project is parted to two kinds of works:

 New Additions

  • Adding New fourth floor (400 m2)
  • Adding Additional area to the third floor (50 m2)

Renovation works


  • Changing part of the third floor rooms to 3 rehabilitation day care classes (190 m2)
  • Changing some partitions in the first floor (about 30 m2)
  • Renovating all the building's exterior colored plaster. (4000 m2 of plaster)

The estimated cost of the project (including V.A.T)

The new additions  450m2 X 4000 NIS 1,800,000 NIS
Renovating works   220m2 X 2200 NIS 484,000 NIS
Renovating plaster 4000m2 X 35    NIS 140,000 NIS
Total   2,424,000 NIS  ($675,000)