Nazareth Academic Institute

After a struggle of more than 30 years, the Council for Higher Education in Israel (CHE) has finally accredited the Nazareth Academic Institute (NAI) as the first official academic institute in the Arab Sector since the establishment of the state. For the Arab community, this is a great leap towards establishing the first Arab university in the country.
NAI provides two degree program options, Chemistry and Communication and more additional programs in the coming years such as Computer Science, Occupational Therapy, The School of Management and Tourism and Organic Agriculture. In addition, NAI is looking to be specialized in the Arabic Language and Literature, Medical Science in cooperation with Cornell University to complete the M.D. degree starting in the fourth year.

The institute is run by an official NGO Nazareth Academic Institute, headed by a well-known businessman by the name of Mr. Bishara Kattouf, with direct and continued support of the Nazareth Fund and Nazareth Municipality. Professor George Kanazi of Nazareth is the President of the institute.

The personal commitment of the mayor of Nazareth, Eng. Ramez Jaraisy, and chairman of the Nazareth Fund, Mr. Ahmad Afifi, made the dream of an academic institute in Nazareth come true.

The Municipality has given NAI a worthy building which occupies part of a school building in the Tawfiq Zayyad Education Village, named after the late mayor of Nazareth. A chemistry laboratory was set up with the help of The Nazareth Fund and the al-Taawon Welfare Association. Communication students enjoy a radio studio, and the public library serves the needs of the students in the area.

The Nazareth Fund is spearheading a fundraising campaign in Israel and overseas to support NAI. The campaign will help support NAI students and programs as well as raise capital for a dedicated NAI campus on land donated by the municipality. The Nazareth Fund and NAI are planning to build a 70-dunam academic campus, with the big support from Munib Rashid al-Masri Foundation to build the first 7000m2 academic building. Our plan to comlete the building and to move to the new campus in the academic year 2013/2014.

The Nazareth Fund launched an intensive fundraising campaign in order to maintain academic operations and running costs around $1.5 million a year until NAI receives governmental funding.