"Gates to the Future" Scholarships Program

The Nazareth Fund launched the "Gates to the Future" scholarships fund in 2008 to help students of the city continue their higher education at local colleges and universities. Twenty students a year receive scholarships which cover the $2,500 university fee.

The students are selected according to criteria set by the Fund, with a focus on their economic status. The Fund empowers the students and provides them with the financial support needed until they graduate. In return, the Fund expects the graduates to invest back in society through volunteer work with high school students, maintain a good academic record in their studies, and donate back to the Fund when they start working in order to help other needy students.

The main budgeting sources of the program rely on The Nazareth Fund and The Irwin and Bethea Green Family Foundation support. Other major donators who guarantee the continuity of the program are the Nazarenes Mr. Ahmad Afifi and Mr. Badie' Tannous, Mr. Ghassan Awad from Las Vegas, Mandell L. and Madeleine H. Berman Foundation, Mr. Alec Gores from Los Angeles, Mr. Nick Khoury from Texas, Bank Hapoalim and many other caring people, firms and corporations.

The budget of the Gates to the Future program in 2011-2012 totalled $215,000.

The goal of the first four years is to reach 80 students a year. However, due to the dire economic status of many, the project aims at reaching 350 students a year, with am annual budget of $900,000.