Bethea and Irwin Green

Nazareth Municipality built a special high school for girls with low educational attainment. Along with the regular theoretical teaching, they are also providing the girls’ vocational qualification. The regional education network of "Naamat" runs this school.

The new school building, replaces of the leased buildings used by the school so far, has the highest specifications and some standards in the country. In addition to the school building, The Nazareth Fund built a Vocational Training Center for girls and women, in order to develop the capacities and opportunities for women to find adequate work, and thus reduce unemployment among women.

The Nazareth Fund also built a large modern gym.

The Irwin Green family has donated one million dollars, and the "Naamat" Foundation has also donated one million dollars in order to contribute in building the Vocational Training Center and the gym.

The regional "Naamat” in Nazareth runs the Vocational Training Center. The use of the school building and the Vocational Training Center started in April 2012.