About The Nazareth Fund


The Nazareth Fund was founded in April 1999 as a nonprofit charitable organization.

The Nazareth Fund encourages and organizes initiatives that aim to improve the city in the different fields of education, science, arts, literature, health, sports, social welfare and other charitable activities. It also provides scholarships for carrying out research on Nazareth's history, culture heritage, architecture andarchaeology. The fund aspires at creating a cohesive and tolerant society where citizens live together in harmony regardless of religion, social class or education.

The Nazareth Fund is a legal NGO registered by the Ministry of Justice under number 58034480. Donations to the Nazareth Fund are tax exempt according to subparagraph 46 ofthe Tax Law.


Members of the Nazareth Fund

Ahmad Afifi
Chairman - Businessman

Badie' Tannous
Member - Businessman

Samir Abu Nassar
Treasurer - Certified Public Accountant

Mohammad Ibrahim
Board Member - Legal Advisor - Advocate

Raji Mansour
Board Member - GM Nazareth Municipality

Adeeb Abu Rahmoun

Ibrahim Jabbareen
Board Member - Businessman

Rizeq Zoabi
Member - Lecturer

Khalil E'lemy

Ibrahim Ne'meh
Member - Businessman

Youssef Srouji
Member - Businessman

Raji Srouji
Board Member - Sports Department Director - Nazareth Municipality

Ramez Jaraisey
Member - Mayor of Nazareth

Late Dr. Sami Jaraisey was one of the founders of the Nazareth Fund.